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Cập nhậ ttin tức và các sự kiện tổ chức tại Nơm Bistro

Top 5 Beautiful Bar in Danang

AIR RESTAURANT & BAR Located on the top floor of The Blossom City Hotel, Air Restaurant & Bar embraces the fresh Danang breeze, while offering magnificent views of the young city. Being a fusion of elegant space and delicious dishes, the Restaurant & Bar stands out not only for its breathtaking view but also for its attractive Vietnamese and Japanese ...
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Da Nang, then and now

Old and new photos show what has changed in the coastal city of Da Nang over the last two decades, from a small town to Vietnam's third largest city. This old photo shows what Da Nang looked like 20 years ago, with so many trees and no high-rise buildings. An extraodinarily fast pace of growth and development has turned Da ...
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Top 5 unique architecture symbols in Da Nang every tourist must know

In this article, we want to take you through the top architecture symbols in Da Nang recent years Tien Son Sports Center Tien Son Sport Palace was built on an area of more than 94.000m2 in Phan Dang Luu, of which 10,482 m2 is used to build the stadium. The overall design works include a basement and four storeys are ...
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What events in Da Nang 2017?

X November 1 APEC       05-11/11/2017 TP.Đà Nẵng XI December 1 Vietnam National Film Festival XX  12/2017 Trung Vuong Theater Cục Điện Ảnh 2 Asia festival Guitar 2018  12/2017 Nhà hát Tuồng Nguyễn Hiển Dĩnh (dự kiến) Trung tâm Tổ chức Sự kiện và Lễ hội 3 Count Down Party  31/12/2017 Quảng trường 29/3, đường 2 Tháng 9 ...
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