Once upon a time the fishermen of “Danang village” by the river Han were sitting by the river with bamboo fishing poles, wearing Non La’s to protect them from the sun, fishing. With the families growing larger there was not enough fish to be caught with poles only, so they built round basket boats and paddled with the boats into the river where they cast their nets.

Upon return to the riverbank with nets abundant of fish caught they emptied and collected the bamboo traps they had set up before leaving to catch smaller fish. After collecting and cleaning all the fish caught the fishermen’s wives went to the market with full baskets of fish to sell them to feed their large families.

This performance reflects the life of the fishermen in the old times expressed with nowadays Hip Hop tunes and modern dance moves. Put together at Nom, brought to you by a very talented teenager hip hop group from Danang “RSN” meaning “WHAT ELSE…….” ?!.

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