The Story of Nom

In ancient times Vietnamese made a living by growing rice and catching fish.
During these days the “Nơm”, the fish basket was an important tool for a fisherman used for catching fish, prawns, and escargots from the river. In time “Nơm” became a symbol of the fishermen in Viet Nam.
Da Nang where the river meets the sea has evolved from a fishing village to the third largest city in Viet Nam. To pay homage to history, we created with modern architecture a giant “Nơm”; 12.4 meters tall facing the Han River.
Our menu consists of the freshest ingredients only, fish caught with the “Nơm”, organic salads and local herbs are selected to serve the finest traditional cuisine from the north to the south of Vietnam. Combined with creative cocktails and a great atmosphere this all day dining and entertainment venue is guaranteed to enchant.

Nơm where good food is combined with inspired architecture.

Chill Out Atmosphere

Enjoyable atmosphere in an exquisite area in Danang. Cool tunes, creative interior design, good food, great drinks and personalized service.

Unique Space

A12.4 meter tall Nom, a fish basket, built on the banks of the river Han.
Three floors presenting different dining and wining options.


with an amazing river view Nom Restaurant offers seating on an open terrace surrounded by trees with undivided views.

We are available for tour groups and intimate private events for up to 100 persons.